Active Global Research

A market research company

Ana is the spark that started this venture. After 6 years working as a senior consultant in London, she decided it was time to come back home and start up her own company. An expert moderator, she will make sure clients get their answers.

Cristina has been in Market Research for almost 15 years now. Her motto: "There is nothing impossible to organize and no one impossible to recruit". Cristina's priority is meeting our clients' needs regarding fieldwork.

With an avionics background, Gustavo has been part of our team since 2007. Despite the frantic nature of this business, Gus is always able to find a solution to a problem, often even anticipating difficulties and easing them out before they happen.

You will unlikely meet someone as proactive as David. David is the perfect facility manager; a great host with IT skills and a perfectionist attitude. He will make sure that you have everything you need when attending research in our facility.

Active Global Research started back in 2003 as a Market Research fieldwork agency specialized in healthcare. The success on this area led us to offer our services in other areas. We adapt to our clients' needs and we are able to deliver quality results no matter the characteristics of the project assigned to us. Big and small, car clinics, ethnography, online studies ...

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We do work all over Spain and have partners in Europe, US and Latin America.